Finding the Business Case for 3D Printing

June 8th 2015 |De Balie | Amsterdam

3dprint3D printing is all over the media. Many businesses and organizations have already expressed interest in the prospect of this phenomenon. Despite of the low current expertise in the industry arena 3D Printing is poised to become a unique manufacturing method to be incorporated in modelling and production processes in any part of the economy. Next to existing production methods additive manufacturing (AM) will attain a regular place within the production cyclus.

However, the initial investments for industrial 3D printing are high, whereas the developments in materials, software and the technology itself remain high paced, probably a bit too fast to follow. Furthermore the knowledge level about 3D printing in the majority of organizations is rather low. Yet, companies want to make a move.

What is the right angle? Where to start? Who to partner with? Which software, which technology and which products? But most of all: how to find the business case?

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