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Aachener Innovations-Plattform 2015

May 7th, 2015 at Aachen, Germany

The Aachener Innovations-Plattform (Aachen Innovation Platform, AIP) is the anual innovation conference of RWTH Aachen University Technology and Innovation Management Group. We aim to bring together innovation experts and practitioners from R&D, TIM, New Business Development, Strategy Development and more. The conference is embedded into the TIM Expert Circle at RWTH Aachen University, a regular roundtable for technology and innovation managers. The conference will be in English language.

Platform Innovation

Innovating Business Eco-Systems: How Business Platforms, Two-Sided Markets, and Smart Data are becoming the future of competition

Product innovation has been complemented with service and recently business model innovation. Currently, a new priority in innovation management arises: Platform Innovation – the systematic creation of business ecosystems and platform markets.

While this approach has been the foundation of the success of eBay, Amazon, or iTunes, we predict that Platform Innovation will dominate the innovation regime in many other industries, too.

Consider the automobile industry: Mobility platforms like Moovel or Uber have become the new battle field for innovation. And with the connected car, the App model will enter the automobile. Autonomous drive is just the beginning.

Platforms bring different players together in order to, ideally, increase value for everybody involved. So far, these platforms have just scratched the surface of what will be possible. In the age of digitalization, smart data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrie 4.0, radically new ways to do old – and new – business will emerge.

Especially, the rise of multi-sided markets will change competition in the next few years. For machine tool manufacturers, competitive advantage will no longer (only) depend from building the most reliable tooling machine that will last several decades. The machine will become part of an industrial ecosystem of data and interfaces – hence it may be the quality of machine’s APIs that determines it success.

On the years AIP, we want to explore how to systematically build (innovate) business ecosystems, how to succeed in becoming a market partner on an existing ecosystem, and enter an open dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of Platform Innovation and Business Ecosystems.

We invite you to join the Aachener Innovation Platform (AIP) Meeting 2015.


AIP 2015 was a great event with a lot of very insightful presentations, lively discussion, hands-on experiences and a lot of networking. Thank you to everybody who presented and attended, we are looking forward to welcome you again at Aachen, Germany, in 2016, and will keep you updated about the topic of the next AIP.


Christian Gülpen
Head of Business Development
RWTH Aachen Technologie- und Innvoationsmanagement

Tel: +49 241 80 96660

AIP 2014 in pictures: The Maker Movement


AIP 2015 will take place at the beautiful Palais of the Erholungsgesellschaft Aachen in the heart of the historic city of Aachen.

The Palais is located at Reihstraße 13, 52062 Aachen, Germany.

If you arrive by car, please use the car parking „Galeria-Kaufhof / Saturn“, accessible from the Wirichsbongardstr. 47.


We are looking forward to some great experts on different aspects of platform business development.

Some parts might be subject to change.

8:30 Registration
9:00 Keynote: How multisided platforms will change the reality of business Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
RWTH Aachen Technology and Innovation Management Group / MIT Boston
9:30 The role of digital platforms in a distributed energy world Dr. Michael Fipper
E.ON SE Technology & Innovation
10:00 Innovation for the Internet of Things Hans Wieser
Microsoft Business Lead Data Platform
10:30 Coffee and networking break
11:00 Innovation at Ford: Ford Smart Mobility
Walter Pijls
Ford Research Center Aachen
11:30 Digital Change with Platform based Ecosystems as a Chance Prof. Dr. Gerd Servatius
Competivation Consulting
12:00 Business Platform Innovation for IoT and Industrie 4.0 – The Role of IT and Automation Timothy Kaufmann
SAP Business Development Manager
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Digitalization of tangible industry goods (working title) Sven Koepchen
CEO of Klöckner & Co. Deutschland GmbH
14:00 The next dimension: New business opportunities through digitalization and virtual reality (working title) Vladimir Puhalac
CEO of DOOB Group
14:30 Coffee and networking break
15:00 Hands-On session: Think digital: How can flexibile, modular 3D platform technologies be used to create new profitable multisided markets? Moderation: Prof Dr. Frank T. Piller / Vladimir Puhalac
17:00 Coffee and networking break
17:15 Crowdsourcing sessions: Learnings from the hands-on session Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
17:30 Wrap-Up: Platforms, your next big opportunity? Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller
18:00 End of conference

An event organized by RWTH Aachen University Technology and Innovation Management Group and Competivation Consulting.