aomThis is some great news for our research area and especially for Prof. Frank T. Piller of TIM and Dr. David Antons of ISO: Our joint article on „Not-Invented-Here“ has been accepted into the Academy of Management Perspecives, one of the leading academic journals, regularly amongst those with the highest impact factor and frequently consulted even by practitioners.

The Not-Invented-Here (NIH) syndrome describes a negative attitude towards knowledge (ideas, technologies) derived from an external source. NIH potentially is one of the most cited constructs in the literature on knowledge transfer, and also is a common phrase in management practice. Previous research, however, exhibits an abundance of different conceptualizations of NIH, and no clear understanding of its antecedents, underlying attitudes, and behavioral consequences.

Building on recent research in psychology, an extensive review of the management literature on NIH, and a review of empirical studies focused on NIH, this paper contributes to a better understanding of NIH. We developed a framework of different sources classifying knowledge as „external“ which might trigger a general, attitude-based rejection of such knowledge inputs, irrespective of their specific value. Differentiating various functions of an attitude, we identify possible trajectories linking NIH with individual behavior and decision-making. We apply this understanding to develop an extensive agenda for future research.

The article is available as a pre-print online version here: