4 04, 2013

Aalborg University to Host Next MCPC in Feb. 2014

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Aalborg_NyTorv_2004_wikimedia_commonsIn February we posted our open letter about the sad fact that we could not organize and host this year's MCPC conference due to capacity constraints. Many of you have contacted me about alternative ways to keep the MCPC alive and today I am glad to announce that the Mass Customization Research Group at Aalborg University has commited to hosting the conference in 2014.

Below please find soem extracts from their announcement letter, including a call to feedback for everybody interested in actively participating in the shaping of this conference.

We are really glad that there is so much dedication to the project within the MC community and hope that MCPC will continue to be a corner stone of the international MC family.

Dear MC Community,

It was with
some regret that we received the message from our good colleague Frank Piller
and his hardworking team, that he and his organization for different reasons will
not be able to arrange and host MCPC in 2013.

We, the
Mass Customization Group at Aalborg University, have decided to get more
engaged in the current process under certain conditions; therefore we address
this formal letter to the MCPC community with support from Frank Piller and
Mitchell Tseng.

First of
all, Aalborg would be able, willing, and delighted to host the MCPC 2014 in
Denmark on Feb 4-7, 2014
to offer the MC community a continuous place to meet
and exchange ideas.

We believe
that the biannual MCPC conference still has great value for MC researchers and
practitioners and we owe our friends a lot of credit for the work done in
previous MCPC conferences.

But changes
are needed and we believe that this is also what Frank & Co are expressing
with their message last week.

We will
suggest a very simple way of organizing the future MCPC event, by forming 2
committees: (self-nominating):

The International Organizing Committee has
the obligation to arrange each conference. This committee has at least 6
members, where 3 members are from the organization/research group hosting the
upcoming event, 1 member from past organizer organization, and 1 member coming
from the organization to be in charge of the next upcoming event. The members
of The Organizing Committee are presented in the closing session of each MCPC
conference as well as the location of next conference. The chair of the
Organizer Committee is held by one of the 3 "hosting" members.

The International Scientific Committee has
a minimum of 9 members, of who 2 members are from the hosting organization and the
rest are representatives from the general MCPC community. The Scientific
Committee is expected as advisory partner for the hosting organization in
selections of topics, keynote speakers and themes for the upcoming MCPC, as
well as the members will be asked as needed to assist as chair for sessions, reviewing,
chair group of reviewers etc.

And we ask you to become involved:


  1. Let us know whether you believe in a future
    global MCPC and the plan sketched above.
  2. If you would be interested in being a member
    of the Scientific Committee please let us know.
  3. If your organization would be interested in
    hosting the MCPC 2015 conference, please let us know.

Please send your response to: kni@m-tech.aau.dk

In case we are
getting enough thumbs up, positive feedback, and candidates for the Scientific
Committee, we will immediately start organizing the next MCPC and keep you

Customization RESEARCH group

of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Aalborg University, Denmark, Kaj A.
Joergensen, Thomas D. Brunoe, Stig B. Taps and Kjeld Nielsen



Aalborg MC Group

The group currently consists of four senior researchers including Kaj A. Jørgensen, Stig B. Taps, Kjeld Nielsen & Thomas D. Brunø and three Ph.D. students, Steffen N Jørgensen, Simon Haahr Storbjerg and Tufail Habib.
26 02, 2013

Open Letter to MCPC Community: No MCPC 2013 at MIT, but many new opportunities

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In case you participated at the last MCPC conference in San Francisco (Nov 2011), I
believe you had, like me, a great conference experience. In fact, many of you already asked
me about the next event.

I am really sorry to inform you that for personal and capacity reasons, we will
be not able to organize and host the MCPC in 2013
at MIT.

the great experience of MCPC 2011 in San Francisco would have been difficult
and a lot of work, demanding capacity (time) that we as the original hosts and
organizers do not have available any longer.

I am
doing many exciting things in Europe and the U.S., but also have many commitments and responsibilities which do not give me the chance
any longer to invest in the MCPC as I did in the past. The same holds true also
for the core team of people at MIT and HKUST that were instrumental in doing

But I
believe that this is not the end of the MCPC but just the beginning of more:

customization now is at a transition point where we do not have to discuss it
any longer, but just should practice it.
This demands a different format of
exchange in-between practitioners.

this reason, we have established an exciting associate
membership format
for companies in the MIT Smart Customization Group at MIT
Media Lab.  We believe that such a
consortium of trusted members, meeting 2-3 times a year at MIT or in a company,
can provide a better way of exchanging experiences and learning from each

case you are interested to join our MIT group, head here
: http://scg.mit.edu/people/corporate-members

will continue to have smaller events or seminars at MIT, and there are the
established mini-conferences of the MCPC family and several upcoming special
tracks in established conferences.

But I also strongly believe that a large MCPC-alike conference still makes sense!

Mitch Tseng and I are open for any research group that feels empowered and
strong enough to do an academic-practice event similar to MCPC
. I am happy to
support this as far as I can (mainly with publicity), but be warned that this
demands at least Euro 100K investment and about 1 person year full time capacity
for preparations, the CfP, paper reviews and management, and event organizations
(and we never made any profit with the MCPC as we wanted to keep this an
affordable community event).

case you have a realistic plan to host (and fully organize) this conference in
the future, let us know – or just do it: We do not claim any ownership or
exclusivity of mass customization events. In fact, it really should become more
a community organized thing!

So even with a MCPC conference organized by my colleagues and me, I am looking forward to may exciting interactions and meetings.

22 03, 2012

The Million Dollar Zazzle Innovation Challenge: And the Winner is … SELVE

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Zazzle_bannerToday, the winner of the "One Million-Dollar Zazzle Innovation Challenge" has been announced. The contest was launched during the MCPC 2011 conference and saw an enormous participation with about 1,000 entrants submitting their proposal.

Zazzle_awardDuring the last days, a panel of judges picked the winner, which was presented during a nice ceremony at the Haas School of Business of the UC Berkeley today. At the left, a few impressions of the day:

  • Henry Chesbrough opened the event with a very nice talk about the promise of mass customization;
  • Jeff Beaver from Zazzle addressed the audience and introduced the finalists,
  • Elizabeth Miller, Head of Creative at HASBRO, presented a great talk on the power of personalization and how a large company like Hasbro can benefit from a customization platform like Zazzle.
  • And then the five finalists gave short presentations on their companies and idea — really cool! Just check the videos below to get some ideas.
  • Finally, Dean Richard Lyons of Haas announced the winner!

Five companies have been nominated. Here are their pitches why they should get the 1Mio Zazzle award:

Republic Bike

Everybody loves to ride a bike in the summer. But not everybody loves to ride the same bike. Why not design the bike of your dreams from the convenience of your couch and have it custom-built an shipped to your doorstep? Their pitch: Make bikes as the customers' canvas — and allow then to really create a custom bike.  –> WATCH THE VIDEO


Why do women own so many shoes? Maybe because every one has something special that they like about it. For everybody with limited storing space, Selve offers the opportunity to pack all these special details into one shoe, your shoe.  Their pitch: We did ten years of homework and now have a great product space and manufactuing — and ready for a huge audience.  –> WATCH THE VIDEO


Everybody is different. And every body is different. And if you are a sports enthusiast who wants to give his body exactly the nutrition it needs, YouBar now might have you covered. Their pitch: With YouBars, Zazzle could enter the large growth field of custom food.  –> WATCH THE VIDEO


Do you sometimes wish your fancy iPad, useful as it is, would be a bit more…individual? DODO certainly does and gives you the tools to design your very own, handmade iPad case, that can (but does not have to) look like your favorite book. Their pitch: DODOcase would bring traditional craft to the Zazzle world of mass customization.  –> WATCH THE VIDEO


Few things can personalize a home better than individually designed and crafted pieces of art and assessories. With Designescape's concept including production with modern lasercutters, individually produced home decoration could become an affordable reality soon. Their pitch: Bring laser cutting technologies to the Zazzle platform to do many more amazing things.  –> WATCH THE VIDEO

And the winner is …

SelveIt was really difficult to select a winner, but in the end SELVE was selected as the recipient of the Zazzle Innovation Challenge 2012! Congratulations, and I am sure we soon will learn about the outcomes of this cooperation!  (on the left, Selve founder and CEO Claudia Kieserling who joined by video from Germany)


 Extra:  Amongst the entries that did not make it into the finals, many presented really interesting, funny, creative and/or useful ideas. Honorable mention can especially be given to …

  • Unitedstyles. A plattform for consumer-designers to design fashion, buy their individual pieces and open virtual stores. (Video)
  • Modify Industries, Inc. High-design co-creation of goods with a high grade of interchangable elements.
  • Spek, personal eyewear. Eyeware, personalized in design, fit and shape, using modern 3D printing technologies (Video)
  • Happy Toy Machine. Enables kids and the young at heart to create their own cool, cute, and crazy custom plush toys online. (Video)
  • Easy DIY Nail (Yuan Lu) Individual fingernail design made easy (Video)
  • Fabric on Demand. Affordable custom fabric printing – bring your pictures and designs on fabric (Video)
  • Waggers Pet Products Inc. Give your pet the best you can with individualized pet food.
13 02, 2012

Public Proceedings of the last MCPC Conference Published — Access all Conference Presentations, Papers, Videos

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Mcpc2011_proceeding_ISBN_coverDid you miss the MCPC 2011 conference? It was a terrific event, and we really got great feedback and comments on the conference.  Check here for some conference pictures!

Richard Henderson at UC Berkeley has been very helpful in creating the best conference documentation we ever had! On a special conference website, the full conference program  is  now available with links to the slides of the presentations, full papers (when available), and many full videos of the plenary and keynote presentations (for Day 1 and 2).

To access this rich source of information (I estimate that this are 2500+ slides, 1000+ pages of papers, and 15+ hours of video), either use the access code you got as a conference participant, or purchase* the full text proceedings:

Bridging Mass Customization & Open Innovation. Proceedings of the MCPC 2011 Conference — including an access code to all presentations, papers, and videos. Edited by Henry Chesbrough and Frank Piller. Published by Lulu, Inc. (Raleigh, NC), 2012.

=>  Paperback version: ISBN: 978-1-4716-3023-1 (ca. 5 day delivery time)

=>  eBook version: ISBN: 978-1-4716-3086-6 (instant download)

For detailed information about presentations and speakers please also refer to the conference proceedings flyer!

*Note: Why do we sell these proceedings and do not provide open access? First, this would have been unfair to all people participating at the conference and paying the full fee there. Second, organizing such a conference is a big effort and investment, and we still need the proceeds from this publication to cover our cost. Third, many authors and presenters do not want to have their papers and presentations openly on the web, but agreed to a controlled publication only.

18 12, 2011

The $1 Million Zazzle Innovation Challenge: What is your great idea for the next in mass customization?

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Here is your perfect thing to do over the Christmas holidays:


Zazzle, a leading platform for quality custom products, is hosting their first "One Million-Dollar Innovation Challenge" to launch the development of the next, most innovative customization product or company.

This can be an idea for a new consumer product, but also one for an innovative service, health, business to business or whatever offering … Feel free to bring mass customization to a new level!

The contest had been announced during the MCPC 2011 conference dinner. It is hosted in association with MIT's Smart Customization Group and UC Berkeley's Center for Corporate Innovation,

The Million-Dollar Innovation Challenge and prize is open to any person or company with an idea for a customizable product. Applicants must create a one-minute video, describing their product and explaining why their innovative concept is special and will contribute to the growing movement of mass customization. Applicants will be judged on innovation and economic viability.

Jeff Beaver from Zazzle announces the Challenge. Photo by Bruce CookThe winner will gain access to Zazzle's world-class engineering team, which will support the winning project with software development, exclusive proprietary design tools and 3-D product visualization technologies. Additionally, Zazzle will fund the project with resources to develop a global product-marketing plan and launch the product to a worldwide audience of tens of millions of potential consumers. The winner will also receive mentorship from a veteran panel of potential investors and industry leaders, in addition to introductions to Zazzle's many brands and partners.

Zazzle will announce five semi-finalists on February 24, 2012. Academic experts, industry executives and active investors will help refine the concepts and plans for final evaluation and judge the presentations.

For more information, including objectives, application, rules and prize details, visit www.Zazzle.com/challenge.

11 11, 2011

Your Opinion on the Future of Mass Customization: Participate in two short surveys

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We would like to tap into the joint intelligence of the MCPC community and ask your to participate in two short conference surveys — results will be posted here:

Mc-future Dominik Walcher and Frank Piller want to learn about your opinion on the market development for mass customization. How is the market of mass customization (MC) and personalization growing? What will be the developments in the next years? Please help us to get a better picture of the MC future! Participate here:http://www.tiny.cc/mc-future 


MIT_MCRyan Chin and Daniel Smithwick of the MIT Media Lab, are studying product life-cycle energy use of customized dress shirts to understand how to develop more sustainable products.  Please complete their 6-8 minute survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MCPC2011) on your current dress shirt wardrobe and you'll be entered into a lottery for a FREE custom men's dress shirt worth $100 retail value.  Pretty fancy stuff.  Survey and prizes are open to both men and women!

9 11, 2011

Start the #MCPC2011 With An Innovative Pre-Event and Networking Reception at #TechShop

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Great news: TechShop is hosting a pre-MCPC 2011 networking reception and mixer — and offers unique opportunity to tour their San Francisco space.TechShop changed the world through open access to the tools of invention… With the advance of inexpensive access to powerful and easy to use tools,
the invention of physical products has never been easier, cheaper, or speedier… particularly if you have a $100 a month membership to TechShop.

During the MCPC Conference, TechShop CEO Mark Hatch will share more about this unique approach to open innovation. But on November 15, you can experience this life:

TechShop is hosting a pre-conference in the San Francisco facility, 926 Howard Street, just 3 blocks from the Powell Street BART station (http://techshop.ws/tssf.html), on Tue, Nov 15, 7pm.

Conference participants staying in the Conference hotel (Marriot  SFO) will be picked up at the hotel at 6:15pm by a shuttle arranged by Techshop.

At TechShop, the program includes some light refreshments & beer, wine as well as non-alcoholic beverages at the Techshop! At 7:30pm and 8:30pm a short tour will be offered in the facilities. The
bus will bring you back to the hotel at 9:15pm.

This event is open to all MCPC participants. To register for the pre-event at tech-shop, please sign up here
Note: MCPC participants only., conference regsitrations required for check-in at TechShop!

7 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Business Seminar: The Future of Mass Customization: The New Open Manufacturing System at #Materialise, #Ponoko and #ILT

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MCPC 2011
On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

Additive Manufacturing and the opportunity for every consumer to turn any idea into a tangible product will change not just mass customization, but our dominant perspective of design and manufacturing. Learn the key facts from visionaries and business leaders in this field.

Wim Michiels, Executive Vice President, Materialise
The Industrial Revolution 2.0: Personalization through Additive Manufacturing

MichielsEvery year, consumers’ interest in customization increases and market demand for personalization is creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs who have an existing offering that they now wish to tailor. With the technological advancements in Additive Manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D Printing, individuals have the ability to add a personal touch to the things they use and love most from cell phone cases, to shoes, to accessories for their cars and more.

David ten Have, CEO, Ponoko
Building the World's Easiest Making System

Ten_haveThe future of products – using software to connect consumers, designers and making devices. Ponoko Inc is the creator of Personal Factory — the world’s most advanced platform for the mass creation of custom goods. Creative consumers can turn their design ideas into custom goods on demand using Ponoko's global network of making devices. This local production reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing. So far, more than 100,000 customer designed products have been made in 15 locations throughout the USA, Europe and Australasia – everything from 3D printed jewelry to laser-cut clocks to CNC routed furniture. Just as the Internet revolutionized the exchange of digital photos, music and movies, Ponoko pioneered the exchange of digital designs, reinventing the way consumer goods are designed, made and distributed. In a future when there is a making device in every home, school and business, Personal Factory is the software that makes it easy for everyone to create custom goods.

 Reinhard Poprawe, Director of Fraunhofer ILT, RWTH Aachen University
Laser Additive Manufacturing – The Key to the Next Generation of Economic Custom Production






Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

6 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Business Seminar: How to Implement an MC Business at #Fluid, #JELD-WEN and #cyLEDGE

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MCPC 2011
On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

Three rapid panel presentations will provide a lot of inspiration and food for thought for small group discussions with your peers.

Andrew Guldman, VP of Engineering, Fluid
Rob Jellesed, Director of Internet Sales, JELD-WEN Windows

Implementing Mass Customization in an Established Company

Guldman_jellesedFluid Inc. and JELD-WEN Doors & Windows have collaborated to create a compelling and richly interactive window and door customization experience online utilizing the latest in mass customization technology. During this presentation, you’ll hear how JELD-WEN leverages technologies to inform consumer purchase decisions and provide pass through lead generation to the sales funnel. With the use of immersive customization capabilities, potential customers can now interact with photo-realistic products, zoom, multiple views, and color changes. Further, you will learn how mass customization has gone social, with JELD-WEN’s unique implementation of social shopping tools that allow consumers to customize complex products with friends online and share their designs with others. And, last you’ll understand how mass customization has proven to augment JELD-WEN’s in-store door and window displays and offered the company a non-traditional return on investment.

Paul Blazek, CEO, cyLEDGE
Crucial Design Elements for Successful MC Configuration and Interaction

BlazekSuccessful mass customization of products and services requires interaction interfaces and tools that are shaped according to the customers' heterogeneous needs. The interface design of these configuration systems becomes a decisive criterion for customer satisfaction. Besides offering a good approach to the specific customization possibilities it should help to reduce customer doubts encountered during the design process, support emotional mechanisms and persuade to make a purchase. But how are relevant customer requirements identified? What are crucial design elements that trigger an efficient interaction between the customer and the manufacturer. Paul will answer these questions in form of some guidelines resulting from his analysis of customer structures and configurator approaches in various industries.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

5 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Business Seminar: Setting Up a Mass Customization System at #Skyou, #Bene AG and #Selve

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MCPC 2011 On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

This session will focus on the different business models that are behind the mass customization trend.

Brennan Mulligan, Founder & CEO, Skyou
What I Learned from Setting Up Five Successful MC Companies

MulliganWhile mass customization can be seen as an established business model we still see often little scale in its execution. At the same time, many new ventures and established businesses alike face the challenge to establish a supply chain fitted for mass customization – and everyone seems to go through the same learning cycle again. In his talk, Brennan Mulligan will propose a solution, reflecting on his experiences in leading many successful mass customization businesses since 1993.

Karl Berger, Vice President Engineering, Bene AG
Developing Solution Spaces for Mass Customization

BergerSolution Space Development is one of the core activities of a successful mass customizer, clearly defining what it is going to offer and what it is not. The presentation will explain how Bene, a leading European office furniture provider, has developed a special approach to understand and serve the idiosyncratic needs of its customers, to develop the solution space. Karl Berger will show how different constraints work with each other, and how a of organizational layers helps to execute different solution spaces in the organization.

Claudia Kisserling, CEO, Selve
Illissa Howard, Founder, Milk and Honey Shoes

Establishing a Mass Customization Factory in China

Kieserling_howardThis joint presentation is delivered by two experienced entrepreneurs in mass customization footwear, representing selve, the Germany-based category leader in the field, and Milk&Honey, a recent Hong Kong based startup. Claudia and Ilissa will first share insights into the market for customization in this field, discussing the Women’s fashion footwear market size and growth areas, global reach via online configurator, and the challenges and opportunities associated with that. Then, Claudia will share here experiences in setting up an own manufacturing plant in china, after seven years of manufacturing of high quality custom women's shoes in Italy. She will discuss the pros and cons, the do's and don'ts and her experiences of setting up and running a custom shoe factory in China.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

3 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Business Seminar: Building & Growing a Mass Customization Business at #Rickshaw Bagworks and #You Bar

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MCPC 2011 On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

In this panel, three experienced entrepreneurs in mass customization will share their best practices on what did work and what not.

Mark Dwight, Founder & CEO, Rickshaw Bagworks
Design for Mass Customization: Real World Approaches for Design and Manufacturing

DwightMass customization comes in many shapes and sizes. Mark Dwight employs mass customization techniques in his small messenger bag manufacturing company, Rickshaw Bagworks, based in San Francisco. Dwight founded Rickshaw specifically to pursue a strict build-to-order operational model, as opposed to the traditional build-to-stock practice common in the fashion industry. At Rickshaw, mass customization is the foundation of the product design and development process. All product platforms are based upon four key design principles: (1) Decouple function and fashion; (2) Isolate complex core functional elements in a common, mass-producible "chassis"; (3) Save product "personality" for the final assembly step; (4) Add optional functional upgrades and fashion elements from a collection of "bolt-on" accessories. Based upon this design methodology, Rickshaw produces a family of full-featured, customizable computer carrying briefcases and backpacks at very competitive prices in its San Francisco headquarters. The benefits of this strategy include: zero finished goods inventory, zero inventory risk, minimum SKU count, vastly reduced forecasting complexity, ability to outsource most of the labor intensive work while insourcing all of the customization, price/performance flexibility, and fast turnaround of highly custom orders.

Anthony Flynn, Founder & CEO, You Bar
You Bars: Profiting from the Mega-Trend of Food Customization

FlynnDetailing You Bar's journey from my mother's kitchen to an 8,200 square foot commercial warehouse, this presentation focuses on how the customer and company have become less polarized. Customization obliges the customer to become co-creator and innovator, necessitating a dialogue between customer and company which allows each to better satisfy the evolving needs of the other.

Speaker T.B.A., Please Check Conference Website for Details

Investing in the Customization Trend

Mass customization start-ups have become subject to some major interest of Venture Capital firms. In this presentation, a member of the VC communities share some insights on the market for mass customization from this perspective and why mass customization and co-creation are important drivers of successful future business models.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

3 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Keynote Session: Setting an Agenda for Research & Innovation

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MCPC 2011 On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

Discuss with your fellow participants your insights from the MCPC 2011 and close the conference with three forward-looking keynotes and a review by the conference chairs that will set the agenda until the next MCPC.

Vishal Gupta, Director Developer Network, Elsevier
Wither Scientific Publishing? Collaborative Innovation, Open Platforms and Personalized Workflow Solutions Has an Answer

GuptaWith an exponential growth of scientific information and wider distribution of services and data sources; integrated and intelligent search and discovery become crucial to the success of researchers. This is not possible without partnering on a platform that provides the ability to integrate workflow solutions in a seamless way, allowing a more meaningful use of the content. At Elsevier we are trying to bring a paradigm shift in partnering with researcher and developer communities on open platforms to jointly develop innovative workflow tools that are embedded deeply in user’s workflow, personalized to suit the individual needs, and geared towards driving research outcomes.

Kent Larson, MIT Media Lab
Urbanization from a Perspective of Mass Customization and Open Innovation

LarsonThis talk will provide a thought-provoking outlook by looking on urbanization from a mass customization perspective. It will propose a systems approach to creating new cities at four scales:

  1. New Urban Strategies – parametric tools to create urban blocks with the optimal mix of housing, commercial, retail, and services and their related infrastructure.
  2. Mobility-on-Demand – modular approach to assembling an ecosystem of mobility modes and new vehicles (like the CityCar)
  3. Personalized Places of Living and Work – mass-customization strategies for high-performance urban housing
  4. Proactive Technology – sensors, algorithms, and interfaces to proactively encourage energy conservation, healthy behaviors, and mobility choices.

Mitchell Tseng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Embodying Innovation for Customer Value – Building Bridges Between Mass Customization and Open Innovation

TsengIn our knowledge economy, value comes from generating creative ideas and then embodying them in products for transactions. Mass Customization starts from finding out the customer value and then try to create the best combination of components that shape the physical products for customers to buy. On the hand, Open innovation invites creative idea from everyone, from partners, suppliers, customers and others to contribute for a defined purpose that is valuable. Either approach involves a critical step of transforming abstract idea to tangible products, connecting concept to physical world in order to achieve customer value. Although there are products that can be valuable in abstract forms or software, majority of products still relies physical embodiment. This presentation will like to address the interface between electronically moveable and immoveable. Some of the techniques that can be adapted to amplify the synergy between these two essential components will also be reviewed and discussed.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

2 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Keynote Session: Finding the Next Opportunities in Mass Customization

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MCPC 2011 On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

Learn from B. Joseph Pine's latest thoughts on the Virtual Multiverse and how it creates the next generation of experiences and customization, followed by a talk by an entrepreneur who puts Joe's thoughts into real life.

B. Joseph Pine II, Strategic Horizons
The Multiverse: Finding the Next Opportunities in Mass Customization

PineThe physical world, bounded as it is by matter, space, and time, offers limited opportunities for value creation. With digital technology, however, the opportunities are limitless, for people can create anything they want with immaterial bits, in virtual places, without the constraints of linear time. As consumers increasingly experience the world through their digital gadgets, companies still only scratch the surface of technology-infused experiences. Joseph Pine will show you how to create new value for your customers with personalized offerings that fuse the real and the virtual. Digital technology offers limitless opportunities — you really can create anything you want — but real-world experiences have a richness that virtual ones do not. So how can you use the best of both? How do you make sense of such infinite possibility? What kinds of experiences can you create? Which ones should you offer?

André Wolper, Founder & CEO, embodee
Visualization as an Enabler of Mass Customization: An Apparel Story

WolperApparel shoppers, especially those customizing a garment, expect to vividly and accurately “see” and even experience what a garment looks like on them. Accurate, lifelike, 360degree visualizations can provide the means, delivering inspiration and confidence for an online purchase. embodee, a start-up, adapting technologies from movie visual effects, has built the first scalable, easy-to-use platform that delivers such visualization capabilities. Two leading global brands have launched interactive systems built on the embodee platform. Hurley customers have been able to see themselves in a range of denim styles and sizes optimized for them since 2010. And now, the world's leading sports apparel and equipment brand enables athletes and coaches to see their team uniforms evolve in compellingly realistic 3D as they tweak style elements, text, fonts, stitch patterns and colors. Customer feedback, sales volumes and a steep drop in return rates are proof points that compelling visualization can propel customization and online apparel commerce forward.

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1 11, 2011

#MCPC2011 Keynote Session: What is the State of the Art of Research & Practice in Mass Customization & Open Innovation?

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MCPC 2011 On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

Two talks providing a review of these fields to create a common understanding of the latest research and insights for practice. 

Joel West, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences
Open Innovation – State of the Art of Research and Practice







Frank T. Piller, RWTH Aachen & MIT Smart Customization Group
Fabrizio Salvador, IE Business School

A Matter of Balance – Building the Successful Mass Customization Enterprise

Piller_salvadorWhat makes a successful mass customization enterprise? Previous research has identified three core capabilities that allow companies to profit from mass customization: robust process design, choice navigation and solution space definition. So far, however, we did not have large-sample evidence of the impact of these capabilities on market, operational and financial performance of a company. This presentation will report the latest results of an international study of 130 mass customization consumer companies operating both in Europe and in the U.S. as part of the ongoing MC500 research initiative. We find that these capabilities indeed are important for the performance of the sampled companies. To our surprise, however, focusing on one capability alone does not necessarily lead to superior market, operational and financial performance. Instead, performance differentials are explained in terms of the simultaneous presence of the three capabilities. This means that managers building a mass customization venture have to get a balanced view of investing in the three capabilities. Using empirical data and case studies, our presentation will identify implications of our study for entrepreneurs, managers in established companies, investors and VCs, and for future research.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.

30 10, 2011

#MCPC2011 Business Seminar: Profiting from open Innovation and Co-Creation at #Nine Sigma

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MCPC 2011
On November 16th, the MCPC 2011 conference kicks off at the Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco. In this series of postings, we introduce our speakers at the business seminars of the conference.

A final opportunity to discuss with your peers how to put the ideas from this day into practice, kicked-off by a presentation of a key enabler of open innovation.

Andy Zynga, CEO, Nine Sigma
Making Open Innovation Work 

ZyngaIn his presentation, Andy Zynga will share his experiences from more than 2000 projects in open innovation at Nine Sigma. He will comment on the obstacles, tools & opportunities of open innovation, presenting recent results from a comprehensive survey on open innovation practices in global firms. He will then discuss some of the measures executives can take to tackle the challenges of profiting from open innovation. His presentation will close with a few observations to stimulate the discussion at the following round table presentation with your peers.

Followed by a round table discussion.

Please find the complete program at the official MCPC 2011 website.