17 02, 2014

Impressions from the MCPC 2014 in Aalborg!

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The past week were a highlight for every mass customization enthusiast as our colleagues from Aalborg University hosted this year’s edition of the MCPC Conference. We were there, of course, and, as always, a lot of tweeting and image-sharing took place. We will post more about some hot topics of the conference within the next days. Until then, here are some great impressions and voices from attendees some of you might recognize…




8 07, 2013

MCPC 2014 Website Gone Live! Get Your Latest Info About the Conference!

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We have just received this great announcement from our friends at Aalborg University:



The Mass Customization Research Group at
Aalborg University is proud to announce the continuation of

World Conference on Mass Customization,
Personalization, and Co-Creation

The MCPC 2014 conference will be held in
Aalborg in Denmark February 4 – 7, 2014.

The conference web site is opened with
further details. Please go to: www.mcpc2014.aau.dk


MCPC 2014
invites you to contribute to make this event unique. Besides the academic
sessions, we call for more business oriented sessions too with demonstrations
of successful business applications, practices, and insights. Since its
beginning, there has been a good balance between practitioners and
academics/researchers. We strive to connect MCPC thought leaders,
entrepreneurs, technology developers, and researchers. We invite you to submit
your ideas and encourage you to participate. 

It is really great to see that Aalborg's MC enthusiasts have done such a great job at preparing MCPC2014 in such a short time! It will certainly be a great event (again).