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Innovation Management

Creating and managing new technological knowledge is a critical key success factor of most firms. In our research we both reflect on innovation management from the theoretic perspectiv of academia but also work closely with companies of all sizes and from various branches to develop more practically valuable strategies and techniques of planning, structuring and executing innovation management in a corporate context.

Some key aspects of both our research and our executive teaching / consulting  are:

  • Process structures of an innovation project, their contingencies, and central activities along the phases of the innovation process
  • Identification of sources for customer need information by the means of different approaches of market research and customer co-creation
  • Various methods supporting technical problem solving to generate solution information, including creativity techniques.
  • Providing the right set of managerial soft skills and leadership capabilities for managing innovation successfully
  • Sources of inertia to change and resistance to innovation, and methods and techniques to overcome these hurdles and barriers
  • Constant evaluation of theories of innovation and models explaining innovation success by cross-checking against practical examples and experience from industry
  • Early recognition of trends and changes, both within one’s own industry and beyond, to gain first-to-market advantage over the competition

Your Contact

Christian Gülpen
Head of Industry Relations
Head Digitalization / Industry 4.0 / Smart Services

RWTH Aachen University
Technology and Innovation Management Group

Tel: +49 241 80 96660

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