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Frank Piller’s Keynote & Executive Talks

Frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, and Business Week, amongst others, Frank Piller is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on developing innovative business models, especially for mass customization and personalization. He has a strong interest in disruptive technologies like Additive Manufacturing and the „Industrial Internet of Things“ and their effect on business models and market structure.

Strong ties to leading engineering experts at RWTH Aachen University & MIT grant him exclusive insight and exchange about the latest technological developments and future trends in industry.

His group at RWTH Aachen is considered to be one of the globally leading research centers for open innovation and customer co-creation, acknowledged recently, for example, by a finalist nomination for the „Innovating Innovation“ Award by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey for their work on implementing open innovation or the Global Co-Creation Award by PDMA (the largest professional association for product and service development) for their work on ideation contests with senior citizens.

Based on his strong background of rigor and relevant research, Frank Piller is an acclaimed innovation keynote speaker at management conferences and in executive education programs around the world. His presentations and keynotes are frequently evaluated as “best of show”. Frank Piller is the recipient of numerous teaching awards. He has delivered customized executive classes for many Global1000 companies and innovative startups alike.

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Christian Gülpen
Head of Industry Relations
Head Digitalization / Industry 4.0 / Smart Services

RWTH Aachen University
Technology and Innovation Management Group

Tel: +49 241 80 96660

Selected Presentation Topics for 2015/2016

The Industrial Internet of Things is perhaps the major recent business & technology trend: Connected goods, self-ordering fridges, and optimized industrial production. But which applications are actually economically promising? This talk will explore why without the right business model, the Industrial Internet of Things will just remain a nice idea.

How to create readiness for open innovation to benefit from input and knowledge from your firm’s periphery. One of our most established talks building on a strong stream of research on open innovation and customer co-creation since 2001.

Successful business model generation in established companies is not luck or trial-and-error, but can be planned and executed. This talk discusses how a systematic approach for BMI can be constructed and implemented — as we today know that business model innovation is much more than drawing a nice canvas picture.

Additive Manufacturing or 3D-Printing is one of the hot topics in both industrial production planning and consumer goods. A myriad of potential applications appears to emerge, but which are actually worth looking into? And how can this technology change the way we think about complexity and individual products? This talks explores 3D printing from the perspective of economics and consumer research.

How culture and “best practices” hinder organizations to implement radical innovation and what can we do about it.

How to turn heterogeneity of customer demand into an extraordinary profit opportunity by creating a set of dedicated strategic capabilities.

„In a seminar with 100 BASF researchers, Frank Piller facilitated the topic of customer centric innovation in a very exciting way, generating truly new insights. Several follow-up projects had lasting impact on our innovation landscape.“
Michael-Georg Schmidt, Director Innovation Excellence, BASF SE
„Academic depth combined with very practical advice. Highly interactive teaching style, creating tangible innovation for our business model.“
Jamie Wilkie, Senior Director Innovation, FUJITSU Technology Solutions
„Strongly recommended! Plenty of case studies and practitioners‘ insight also demonstrate what did NOT work in the past.“
Tobias Spriegel, Manager New Business Innovation, TRUMPF
„Prof. Piller is an exceptional expert who provides deep insight and exciting stories on Open Innovation.“
Dr. Thomas Lackner, Director Open Innovation, Siemens AG
„I sincerely appreciate your willingness to serve as our keynote speaker. Everyone I spoke with at the conference was very pleased, even impressed!, with your presentation. Thank you very much for contributing your time and expertise to our recent conference. The day could not have gone much better, thanks to you. Many participants felt it was one of the best conferences they had attended in a very long time.“
Terry Wohlers, CEO,, Wohlers Associates, Inc.
„Thank you so very much for a fantastic keynote presentation at Fidelity. My colleagues at the Center have hurriedly been goggling for some of your previous slides and lectures on open innovation and you have obviously lit a fire amongst my colleagues who attended your presentation.“
Prof. Robert DeFillippi, Director of Center for Innovation and Change Leadership, Suffolk University, Boston, MA
„On behalf of BrandSquare (and myself), I want to thank you for an EXCELLENT Live Session! Your presentation was very engaging, which was obvious by the amount of questions you had. You gave wonderful examples that added to the principles, and I speak for myself and the others in my company that it was truly an informative presentation.“
Jenna Fletcher, Brandsquare / Symmetri Marketing Group, LLC
„On behalf of the whole team thanks for being with us yesterday in our ANNI meeting and sharing with us your thoughts and experiences around OI. It was indeed a very good outside view, from which we as a company can and will take benefits. Especially the topics around OI readiness and absorptive capacity as well as the lead user concept have given plenty of food for thought!“
Dick van Beelen, Director Open Innovation, AkzoNobel NV
„I truly enjoyed your presentation today at Fidelity. Your insights were useful and very inspiring to me.“
Dr. Natalija Jovanovic, Fidelity Investment, Boston
„I truly enjoyed your talk at the NineSigma conference. You have some excellent insight into what it takes to be innovative in a corporate setting!“
Vinit Verma, Manager Research and Engineering IT, ExxonMobil