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Innovation Management Workshops

Theoretical knowledge is one thing. Knowing how to turn knowledge into corporate success is the key difference between average and excellent decision makers.

All Workshops are designed to be modular and will be tailored to your individual goals and the specific requirements of your institution.

Frank T. Piller is a sought-after researcher, speaker, and corporate adviser in innovation management and value creation. He a Co-Director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a chaired professor of management at the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology.

Frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, and Business Week, amongst others, Prof. Piller is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on developing innovative business models for mass customization and personalization. His group at RWTH Aachen is considered to be one of the globally leading research centers for open innovation and customer co-creation, acknowledged recently, for example, by a finalist nomination for the „Innovating Innovation“ Award 2013 by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey for their work on implementing open innovation or the 2012 Global Co-Creation Award by PDMA (the largest professional association for product and service development) for their work on ideation contests with senior citizens.

Based on his strong background of rigor and relevant research, Frank Piller is an acclaimed keynote speaker at management conferences and in executive innovation management workshops around the world. His presentations and keynotes are frequently evaluated as „best of show“. He has delivered customized executive classes for many Global1000 companies and innovative startups alike.

Examples of Corporate Executive Innovation Management Workshops.

At Some of the Worlds Most Innovative Companies.

Digitalization is one of the hottest management topics right now – and will stay extremely relevant for the years to come. Companies, both SME and global players, need a solid (business model) innovation strategy for and sufficient understanding of what Industrie 4.0 really is – and what it is not. We expect the Internet of Things and Services to be a major driving force for disruptive developments within nearly all branches. The success of companies to adapt and profit from digitalization will heavily depend on acting early enough – before emerging Start-Ups and innovative competitiors take the market.
1 to 2-Day Executive Innovation Management Workshop for the Innovation Leadership Team.
Delivered recently, for example, to Philipps, Bayer, Giesecke & Devrient, Procter&Gamble, 3M, Boston Scientific, Akzo Nobel, PureInsights …
1 to 2-Day Executive Program (sometimes including organization of field trips and life case studies).
Delivered recently, for example, to: Procter&Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, Beiersdorf (Nivea), Société Générale, NOKIA, Adidas …
Internal Seminar for 3M Europe, Neuss.
Keynote at the ExxonMobil Innovation & Technology Fair, followed by a workshop for key decision makers; Fairfax, VA.
Two-day Executive Training for NEC Co-Creation Leadership Team; N.E.C. Japan, Nara.
2-Day Executive Program (also available as a 5-Day official RWTH Certificate Executive Program).
Delivered recently, for example, to: Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Trumpf, PFI Austria, WEKA Media …
Panel Keynote for the SIEMENS Innovation Day (on invitation by the CEO of Siemens), Munich.
Keynote at HAYS International Client Conference. Munich.
Closing Keynote at the Steelcase Annual Conference, Cologne (IMM Trade Show Side Event), Cologne.
Presentation at the Annual Executive Board Meeting of the Oetker Group, Wiesbaden.
Douglas Group Innovation Day. Presentation & workshop delivered at the strategy board meeting of Douglas Holding (Retailer including Douglas, Thalia, Hussel).
Innovation Management Workshop delivered for about 50 executives of Adidas AG on mass customization and innovation. Herzogenaurach
Opening keynote of the Siemens AG Innovators Meeting, München.

Exemplary Elements of a Three-Day Innovation Leadership Class.

Fully Customizable to Individial Corporate Needs.

Day One: Principles and Critical Successfactors of Innovation Management.

  • Challenges and success factors
  • Characteristics of innovative companies
  • Modern process models and Design Thinking
  • Introduction to creative thinking
  • Chaotic-intuitive creativity- and innovation methods
  • Structured-systematic creativity- and innovation methods
  • Customer Insights and Outcome Driven Innovation as a source of innovation opportunities
  • Techniques for rapid and secure classification of ideas
  • Idea selection and evaluation
  • Efficient documentation of ideas
  • Concept tests and customer-centric rating of ideas
  • Creativity techniques in concept development
  • Learn to invent: Methods like TRIZ, ARIZ / AIPS, QFD
  • Open Innovation and Broadcast Search for technical solution scouting
  • Customer Insights as a base for products that really add value for your customer
  • Methods of gaining Customer Insights
  • Further use of Customer Insights in your innovation management
  • New ways of incorporating external knowledge sources into your innovation process
  • Extraction of Need- and Solution Information
  • Methods and tools for Open Innovation
  • Interactive value creation with customers as a base for new business relationships
  • Creating individual products and unique usage experience through close integration of customers into development process
  • Methods and tools for Customer Co-Creation

Day Two: Business Model Innovation and Strategic Technology Planning

  • Outline and Aims of the method
  • Process stages and procedure
  • Necessary resources and organizational requirements of execution
  • Outline and Aims of the method
  • Process stages and procedure
  • Necessary resources and organizational requirements of execution
  • Outline and Aims of the method
  • Process stages and procedure
  • Necessary resources and organizational requirements of execution
  • Outline and Aims of the method
  • Process stages and procedure
  • Necessary resources and organizational requirements of execution
  • Basics of Innovation- and Technology Portfolios
  • Dimensions and derivation of norm strategies
  • Challenges and hurdles of working with Innovation- and Technology Portfolios
  • Basic theory of strategic Business Model Innovation (BMI)
  • Elements of a modern BMI process: Canvas, patterns and evaluation
  • Implementation of a systematic BMI process in establsihed corporations

Day Three: Innovation Culture and Implementation.

  • Necessity of communication in the innovation process
  • Communication strategies for internal and external stakeholders
  • Sources of innovation barriers
  • Formal and informal instruments to overcome these barriers
  • Strategies and roles of Promotors
  • Essential elements of innovative corporate culture
  • Strategies of innovation managers
  • Change Management and implementation
  • Establishing innovative satellite-organizations
  • Internal Venturing
  • Application of Open Innovation

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