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Expert interviews for student projects.

Professor Frank Piller is quite open to participate in expert interviews as a part of student’s thesis or research projects

Before making a request, please make sure to review the following points:

  • When requesting an interview, please give sufficient information on who you are, where and what you study, what is the exact subject of your research, and who is your supervisor.

  • Also, it is very helpful to get your interview guideline and the questions you want to ask in your interview in advance.

  • It is essential that you have read the relevant basic literature first! We can not do your job of a literature review, but will be happy to refer you to special papers on dedicated topics that you could not find something about during your own literature analysis.

  • Professor Piller prefers to answer specific questions and not very general ones. So “what is your definition of open innovation” or “how do you define mass customization” are NO GOOD questions.

  • We do not have any data on the size (revenue, growth) of the market for mass customization that we can share with you.

  • Always check the FAQ section of this website first! information presented there will likely answer many of your questions while them in the interview will be very unproductive.

  • Allow 3-4 weeks to schedule an interview, as Professor Piller travels a lot and has a very busy agenda.

  • To schedule an interview, send your request using the form to the right. Please note that individual emails regarding such interviews can not be processed. Please also make sure you checked all the previous points, and we will follow up.

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