#MCPC2011 Program Highlights – CEOs Report on Best Practices in MC and Personalization – Learning from experience

MCPC 2011In a series of postings, we present some of the program highligths of the MCPC 2011 conference. The following is just one of more than 50 sessions we will host on Nov 16-19 in San Francisco, CA.

This will become a very exciting session based on MANY years of experience. The unifying element of these three talks are the capabilities of making mass customization happen. Learn about Robust Processes and Solution Space design in the first talk, a leading application of Choice Navigation in the second, and get the whole story and update of MVM – a pionieer in virual models.

Sessions 6.1 (Nov 19): Best Practices in MC and Personalization – CEO Presentations

Case Study: The Transition from Engineer-to-Order to Mass Customization in the Fire/Rescue Industry

David Gardner (Founder and Principal of mass-customization-expert) has over 30 years of experience in the design and integration of innovative business process and information technology solutions for "start-up" as well as established companies.

His case study presentation will focus on the key business drivers behind the transition from an engineer-to-order business model to the mass customization business model in the fire/rescue industry. He will examine the steps undertaken to make the transition and the challenges encountered overcoming company and industry inertia.

LOFT – a 24/7 Anywhere Showeroom – Staging a Multiverse Experience

In this presentation, Conny Dorrestijn (Chief Marketing Officer of NedSense) will present his companie's business case for LOFT which is based on two major external drivers: the ‘personalization and ME experience 24/7 anywhere’ demands of a global audience and rapidly increasing costs, competition and complexity of the textile & apparel industry. He will show how the LOFT customer experience engine offers a showroom experience anytime, anywhere and demonstrates the full collection of various textiles, floorings and wallpapers on the customer’s desired real object through the unique LOFT 3D scan technology. Conny Dorrestijn will explain how LOFT enables designers and manufacturers to offer their sales teams and end users, through their websites, the opportunity to upload their own 2D pictures which are instantly converted into 3-D environments in which the user can interact.

MyVirtualModel 2.0

Gregory Saumier-Finch (General Manager of My Virtual Model) will give insight into the new iteration of My Virtual Model's virtual garment presentation software, including 2-D to 3-D image conversion technology. MVM has been a pioneer in the field. After some hickups and shakes, the company is back in business, Gregory, emplyee #3 of MVM and with the company for over ten years, will share his expiernces and advice in this upcoming field of MC.

Listen to the full content of these talks at the MCPC 2011, Marriot SFO Airport, San Francisco, Nov 16-19, 2011:

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Frank T. Piller is a Co-Director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and a chair professor of management at the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology. Before entering his recent position in Aachen, he worked at the MIT Sloan School of Management (2004-2007) and has been an associate professor of management at TUM Business School, Technische Universitaet Muenchen. Frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, and Business Week, amongst others, Frank is regarded as one of the leading experts on strategies for customer-centric value creation, like mass customization, personalization, and innovation co-creation. His recent analysis of the crowdsourcing business model “Threadless” (co-authored with Susumu Ogawa), an innovative crowdsourcing business model in the fashion industry, has been elected as one of the Top-20 articles in MIT Sloan Management Review.