MVM Visual Search – Free Webinar on new shopping personalization technology

In September last year, My Virtual Model (MVM) unveiled a first-of-its-kind personalization technology in a partnership with Sears and IBM (Note: I am using the term personalization according to my own definition, i.e. it refers to a customized shopping experience – I will work on an update on this definition soon).

Struggling retailer Sears is investing heavily in its web-site to counterbalance decreasing sales in stores by a great web experience, probably the right way to do! As part of this effort, was the first company in the world to integrate MVM's new 3D visual search and e-commerce capability on its site. Now, after the x-mas shopping rush, Sears confirmed that the technology significantly improved and enhanced a consumer’s online shopping experience. Sears was the first retailer to apply both a visual search and virtual model to an entire catalog online.

The Sears site allows consumers to recreate their in-store shopping experience online by enabling them to search for merchandise using images versus words, and to virtually “try on” selected items using a personalized model of themselves to ensure that the style, color, pattern and fit are right before purchasing.

It is a great advancement in personalization and online experience (Disclaimer: I served on MVM's board of directors, so I may be a bit biased in my positive evaluation 🙂

Next week, Louise Guay, President and Founder of My Virtual Model, is offering a free series of Webinars where the visual search application will be demonstrated, and where Louise also will comment on the achievements and challenges of this technology.

Louise will make a 30 minute presentation on:
– January 21, 12PM (ET)
– January 21,  4PM (ET)
– January 22,  4PM (ET)
– January 23, 12PM (ET)

To register for a Webinar, go here.

Topics of the Webinar:

  • 3D Visual Search: use Key-Images to find what you are looking for sooner.
  • How to create a scalable solution that covers 100% of your product assortment.
  • Outfitting: create inspirational fashion looks.
  • Targeted recommendations based on shopper’s profile and behavioral patterns.
  • How to uses MVM to drive qualified traffic to your site.
  • News from the Virtual Model community.

(Jan 20, 2008): Today, MVM announced its new Jeans Finder in cooperation with IndiDemin:


For more information, go their site. More information about indiDemin is in this previous posting.

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