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Open Innovation Accelerator Study

The Single Most Comprehensive Overview of the Market of Open Innovation Intermediaries & Platforms for Co-Creation

Our open innovation study explores that market of open innovation accelerators (OIA), organizations that help their clients to include external experts in all stages of an innovation project. Every two or three years, our team provides a comprehensive study of the players in this industry, providing strategic advice to managers and open innovation leaders how to engage with these intermediaries.

We generally find that the market for open innovation is getting mature. On average, OIAs have already conducted a high number of client projects, many of them 200 and more. The broad distribution of open innovation projects over various industry sectors also demonstrates that this approach cannot be limited to certain branches or sectors. The market in general demonstrates a strong demand for open innovation services.

Open innovation today has become a core tool in innovation management. But which is the right method for open innovation? Which are the criteria to plan an open innovation project? Which intermediary or service provider has specific knowledge and expertise in, e.g., crowdsourcing, the lead user method, Netnography, idea contests, technology scouting, or broadcast search? Our recent edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the providers and platforms for open innovation.

We take a detailed look on the methods, cost, project and community structures, and market size. Our purpose is to support strategic decisions when planning an open innovation venture. Managers will gain an overview of the intermediaries available for open innovation and will get advice how to identify partners for their project.

We invited about 160 intermediaries to join a 90 min online survey investigating the OIA’s business model and environment, productivity, services offered, project specifics, and characteristics of their participant pool. In addition, we asked about estimates for the development of the open innovation market.

Besides a lot of highly interresting findings about the market for open innovation in general and the intermediary’s role in it, we were also able to compile 188 detailed accelerator profiles. Using these, finding the innovation partner best suited for your individual venture will be easier than ever – and a lot less risky.