R&D Management Conference 2016 – Call for Papers

We would like to announce the R&D Management Conference 2016 which will take place from July 3rd to 6th hosted by the Institute for Manufacturing. Leading representatives from industry and academia in the field of R&D Management from all over the world will meet at Cambridge, UK. The conference topic, that is „From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation“, will take a broad perspective on technology and innovation management. You can find an overview of the conference tracks here: http://www.rnd2016.eng.cam.ac.uk/

Moreover, we would like to call your attention to the track on Developing sustainable open business models, but how? and to invite you to contribute a submission for the conference. This track calls for research that examines how Open Business Models work and which factors will lead to sustainable success.

We would like to encourage researchers to address the following questions:
• Does the development of Open Business Models require new ways of collaboration and „firm openness“?
• What is about sharing patents, like Tesla did?
• Does the management of Open Business Models require new organization-level activities or capabilities?
• What is about a new „champion“ concept?
• Open Business Models often require new ways of value capture strategies. But which are successful?

For more information, please find a summary of the Developing sustainable open business models, but how? track at the R&D Management Conference 2016 behind this LINK.

We would be delighted to receive a submission of you and we would be grateful if you could forward the invitation to anybody who might be concerned.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information!

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