wentzAfter the great success in 2013, RWTH TIM Group offers the especially designed lecture: “Success Factors and Practice of Innovation and Technology Management“ again this year. Lectures will be held by Dr. Rolf-Christian Wentz and numerous great guest lecturers. For exact dates, locations and guest speakers please see the list below.

This course is based on practice (multiple case studies, various guest lectures) and theory. It (1) presents fundamental success factors of any innovation management and introduces the concept of the innovation management system. Issues referring to the management of innovations will be displayed from different perspectives and adequate solutions will be derived from the innovation management system. Second, it deals with the individual components (vision and objectives, strategy, culture, process, structure etc.) of the innovation management system in depth and explains critical decisions that had been made to ensure the success of a company as an innovator.

If you have any questions concerning the course, feel free to contact Morgane Bénade (RWTH TIM) at benade@time.rwth-aachen.de

 Detailed information after the break!

  Module Room
21.10.2014 Module 1: Introduction in Innovation Management | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
28.10.2014 Module 2: Vision, Objectives, Strategy | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
04.11.2014 Module 3: Innovation Portfolio Strategy, Innovation Arena Strategy, Market Entry and Timing Strategy | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
11.11.2014 Module 4: Product Architecture and Platform Strategy I | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
18.11.2014 Module 5: Innovation Culture | Dr. Wentz + Guest Speaker Mr. Oskar Berger, Managing Director W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH HKW 1
25.11.2014 Module 6: Innovation Process I + Innovation Portfolio Management | Dr. Wentz + Guest Speakers Dr. Klaus P. Meier, CEO Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions, and Dr. Jörg Böcking, Chief Technology Officer Freudenberg Group HKW 1
02.12.2014 Module 7: Innovation Process II | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
09.12.2014 Module 8: Product Architecture and Platform Strategy II | Dr. Wentz + Guest Speaker Mr. Peter Pape, Technology & Ideation Manager, 3M HKW 1
16.12.2014 Module 9: Innovation Competencies | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
13.01.2015 Module 10: Intellectual Property + Technology Management | Dr. Wentz + Guest Speaker Dr. Christian Hahner, Head of Intellectual Property & Technology Management – Daimler AG HKW 1
20.01.2015  Module 11: Innovation Structure + Systems I | Dr. Wentz + Guest Speaker (tbd) HKW 1
27.01.2015 Module 12: Innovation Structure + Systems II | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
03.02.2015 Module 13: Course Wrap-Up | Dr. Wentz HKW 1
18.02.2015 Written Exam (First Date) Zuselab
25.03.2015 Written Exam (Second Date) Tba